If you need to talk but have no suitable counsellors in your area and have no time to travel to my practice in Hitchin, UK, then this could be your answer.  This option depends upon how comfortable you are with computers and the written word, and it might suit you. These services are for UK residents and English speakers worldwide, whether living at home or as an ex patriot abroad.
  I have had five years experience on a telephone support line, and feel that counselling in this way can be as effective as working face to face. The sessions are conducted just like face to face appointments on a regular appointment basis. Appointments are available at various times during the day and evening from Monday - Saturday, and you can start soon by contacting me either by email or telephone.
Please note that if you are in acute distress,  contact your local GP, local A & E Dept or The Samaritans on UK: 08457 90 90 90
For You
  It is important to ascertain whether online or telephone sessions are the most suitable form of support for you. At the start before therapy begins, I therefore give 30 minutes of time free of charge to make an assessment. This also gives you time to decide if you would like to work with me.
The Formalities
 You must be eighteen or over to use this service. Please click here on the Terms of Use  and the Our Agreement  pages, as these are discussed before counselling can begin. When counselling commences, it is understood that you will have read and understand the Terms of Use and Our Agreement pages and you will be asked to verify this. Room is made for any questions you may have. You can then consider your options and agree or decline as you wish.