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Telephone Understanding Your Eating Your Senses

Do you sometimes feel out of control with

Food?  Do you eat in a compulsive way and then regret it?   Do you deprive yourself?


I have been trained by Professor Julia Buckroyd to deliver this psycho educational course. I teach the introductory course and all the modules. To read more about these, see



Courses in Kensington (London) and

North Herts

Call me about joining one of my Understanding

Your Eating groups in Kensington or Hitchin.  


If you prefer, you can do the introduction and the modules in face to face sessions on a one to one basis.




Face to face sessions can also be done through Skype, so wherever you are in the country or the world, you can attend this course.


Call for a chat without obligation. Once you’ve tried it, you might wish you had done it ages ago!

 We take it for granted that we are living in our

bodies, and to go on living, we must continue to eat.


We have to touch, look at, smell, bite, chew and swallow food every day. So for our ongoing health and well-being - shouldn’t eating be a balanced and pleasurable part of our lives?



Most people who have been on diets have

become estranged from their natural experiencing of eating. Separated from their senses, they are not aware of when they are full or hungry, what they enjoy eating and what they don’t.



I offer a Food Sensing course that meets up for three, three hour sessions. This is followed up six months later with three more sessions.


The exercises increase awareness of how it feels to be full or hungry; and the differences between emotional feeling and body sensation, and where they overlap.


Developing a new approach to eating takes time and patience, but is well worth the effort. Once you re-learn what you already

‘know’, you freely begin to make better choices.

Food Sensing