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Face to Face Individual Therapy

   Over the years, I have learned that true knowledge of self is not possible through borrowing, or copying other’s ideas.  My approach helps you seek within yourself, and helps you to be yourself. I trust that your process of personal growth is powerful enough within you, whereby any changes that occur will be determined by you, and will feel comfortable from your perspective.

   Some people do not wish to burden family and friends, so bottle everything up. Still others often feel that nobody has ever understood how they feel. If the way you are feeling is affecting your relationships and your sense of who you are, counselling helps you uncover the answers. Through talking to a professional who gives you plenty of room, you can gain a clearer perspective.

    This is to improve the quality of your life, and nobody else can live that life except you.
Art Materials

   Sometimes using these materials enables access to the deeper layers of self, and communication that can otherwise take far longer to get underway, starts to happen.

Lifespan Integration Therapy

  Incidents from unhappy periods in childhood, or traumatic incidents at any point can enter into our daily lives and become overwhelming. This therapy, developed by Penny Pace helps forge links whereby isolated and unresolved trauma is integrated and healed within the greater structure of the adult self. A session is not necessarily cathartic or painful to experience, yet it is effective with many clients in the long term.


  Research shows how alienation from the body creates a loss of contact with self and others. I enable space for you to be able to ‘hear’ what your body is telling you.