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  A group can offer a safe, effective space to explore and learn new ways of being. It’s where you feel heard, and supported enough to sort out your issues - to experiment with new ways of thinking and living.

  Learning from one another can end feelings of isolation, and nourish a sense of inner confidence that progress is possible.

   All the groups I run are held in a framework of confidentiality, whereby  each member signs a confidentiality agreement at the start.

Understanding Your Eating

  I have been trained by Julia Buckroyd, (Emeritus Professor of Counselling at Herts University) to run groups that help people become free of compulsive eating patterns.
  See her Website at: http://www.understandingyoureating.co.uk
   Through support and participation, participants do gradually break free of compulsive eating.
21 Step Programme

 Could you benefit from a six month programme designed especially for child abuse survivors?  This is an internationally recognised psycho educational programme specifically for adult survivors of child abuse, eg. neglect, physical, sexual, emotional or other abuse that occurred during childhood. It evolved slowly over a ten year period  upon solid research and participant feedback.

   I have adapted these groups for UK  clients whereby they are led by two qualified counsellors who are themselves child abuse survivors.

  Each group member is held in an environment of safety throughout this six month programme. There is plenty of room for creativity, self help, sharing and individuality.

   Click here on ‘21 Step Programme’ to read about the structure as a whole.
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