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Telephone Prices and Fee Structure
  By far the most common
objection to seeking a counsellor
is, ‘I can’t afford it’. Yet after
therapy, many clients feel the time
was better spent because paying
compelled them to really focus on
their issues. Some say it helped
them to value themselves more,
rather than the whole gamut of
external things that they used to
put first.
Counselling does require a
financial as well as a personal
commitment; it has the potential to
affect your long term quality of life.
Temporarily, finances may need to be
reviewed in the light of what you feel
you must value. If a new car, expensive
trips and dining out are more important,
then remember that is a choice. If you are
elsewhere on the financial scale, you can
see student counsellors at a university,
explore various charities and voluntary
agencies - or ask your GP .