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  In 2000, using the Internet and the support of a national charity (Napac) I began a writing project with fifty-six child abuse survivors. I composed a 52 question questionnaire whereby 12 separate stories took shape. In the pages of ‘Survivors’ Stories’, the widely different circumstances survivors live through in childhood and adulthood are explored, and I am proud to give voice to those who wanted to improve lives by being in this project.

  These survivors felt invisible to society and many felt misunderstood by their counsellors and therapists. These separate biographies support the broadest possible understanding of what child abuse is and how you live on with the legacy.  

  Readers include students and those working in social care, loved ones and partners of survivors, and professionals in the therapeutic community who use it as a part of a two part  CPD programme.

   Through my five years of experience working on a national telephone support line for this client group, I can attune quickly to the inner child’s experience of life - especially a survivor’s inner world. I am on call to help and support other counsellors in their work with survivors.  I am available to run CPD events for those who work with this client group.


  I am a practising counsellor member of the Sexual Abuse Counselling Agency.  See http://www.saccaonline.net   

Post - Rehabilitation Clients

  Studies show that approximately half of this client group cope through addictive behaviours with food, drugs, alcohol, and destructive relationships. A  rehab course can be a powerful, yet short lived period of intensive support that is over all too soon.
21 Step Programme for Survivors of Child Abuse
  Click the Group Work tab for a six month ongoing programme that supports survivors to develop their own individual ways in dealing with the typical problems they face.  
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