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How often will I need counselling, and how long does it take to work?
 Usually clients come weekly. This allows enough time in between without losing continuity. For some, just a few sessions are needed. For others, this reveals the need for deeper exploration. When the same problems no longer affect you, then it is time to end.

What if I Change my Mind?

  Although it is usually beneficial for you to have an ending session, you are free to choose to end when you feel it is right. I ask that you give me 48 hours notice of this.

“I’ve had some experience of counselling, but it didn’t help me much.”

  I may well work differently to counsellors you have worked with in the past. Call for an initial session, with no obligation.

How do I pay for my sessions?

  I can take payments from most credit and debit cards.  I also take cash and cheques.
“I’ve heard that counselling can upset me and make me feel worse - is that true?”
  Sometimes you do feel worse before you feel better. Feelings like anger, grief, hurt, shame and embarrassment may be intense and surprising.  Exploring these feelings often means they become less powerful, and a newer, fresher understanding begins to emerge. It can take courage and strength, but you are in charge and we only explore to the extent that feels right for you.

“Will I have to dredge up my past?”
  Not necessarily; you are enabled to explore what feels right and relevant for you, whether it is happening now, or comes from the past.

“What if I miss an appointment?”

  If I do not hear from you, the usual fee is due; but if I do hear from you, I may be able to book you in the same week. So long as I do hear from you, your next appointment is kept. for you..