Should you decide to begin therapy, we enter into a contract.
It contains the terms and conditions that we must both be
aware of at the start of therapy. This sets out your obligations
and mine and means that we work within a safe, professional
We will be able to discuss this contract prior to the
commencement of counselling if you wish, and with your
agreement I will confirm the contract with you at the
beginning of our first session © Morven Fyfe 2010
1 Confidentiality
The content of the counselling sessions is confidential.
At times, I might mention aspects of the work we do together
to my supervisor. Supervision is there to ensure a high
standard of work in this profession, and supervisors are not
told client’s identities.  If I feel you are in some kind of danger or
liable to suffer harm, or I feel someone around you could suffer
harm, for the protection of you and other people I will need to
break confidentiality. However I would seek to discuss this with
you first, and involve you in the process. However in the interests
of personal safety therapy may need to be stopped for a period
of time. I am also legally obliged to break confidentiality if I am
informed about a child or children suffering abuse, money
laundering, involvement in terrorism and finally, dealing in illegal
2  Your Commitment

You confirm that:
a. you are not at risk of harming yourself or others
b. you are 18 years of age or over
c. your participation within the counselling process is purely for
personal, therapeutic use.
d. you will inform me about any previous therapy or psychiatric
e. if you are receiving any other therapy, counselling or
psychiatric care you will inform me of this
f. you are not falsifying your identity or email details
g. you will declare any medications taken, drug or alcohol
 dependency or abuse, or any other addictions
h. you will declare at the outset if there exists any additional
agenda in your seeking counselling. This may include, but is
not limited to, undergoing counselling for research, publishing,
distribution or any other secondary purpose, and for any
purpose involving a third party.
(See 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E, and 3F)

For therapy to work, there needs to be a commitment to a fixed,
ongoing time for yourself. With few exceptions, it has been found
that without the momentum that regular time and attention gives
you, you will not be able to achieve lasting therapeutic change.
3A Deposit
A refundable deposit of £35 must be paid in advance. This £35
deposit will be refunded at the end of therapy if no sessions are
missed. If a session is missed without more than 24 hours
notice of cancellation, the £35 is taken as payment, and another
deposit of £35 will have to be paid again as a deposit before
your next session.
I will always do my best to re-schedule an appointment time
in the same week, but cannot promise this will be possible.
3B Fees
Telephone counselling sessions must be paid in full prior to the
session. Face-to-face sessions can be paid for weekly  or
monthly in advance.
If fees are late or unpaid, this will cause a suspension of

3C Cancellation and Notice Required
If you miss your appointment and also fail to contact me or reply
to my call or message, email or letter, your appointment time for
the following week may not be kept open.
Full fees are due when you fail to give 24 hours or more notice.
Your £35 deposit is taken as the fee. I will try to offer an
alternative appointment where possible.  
24 – 48 hours notice   Half of your fee will be payable if you give
between 24 and 48 hours notice. I will try to offer an alternative
appointment that week.
48 hours or more hours notice
Your appointment will be cancelled, your deposit kept safe and
your appointment for the following week will be kept open.
Again, I will try and find an alternative appointment that week.
3D  Supply and Delivery
If I fail to attend the counselling session either partially or wholly,
and/or I fail to supply the session at the correct time as agreed,
as the client you will be given a full refund. Supplying a session
to you constitutes Morven Fyfe’s availability for the scheduled 60
minutes and will conclude according to the scheduled end-time
as previously agreed regardless of client's delay or lateness in
Therefore, please be prompt. If a minimum of 48 hours
notice is received and a mutually-convenient alternative session
is agreed then all is well. Otherwise, supplying a session to you
will be deemed 'Received' regardless of whether the client
'attends' the session or not.
3E Holiday Arrangements and other predicted, planned
absences that I have been informed about incur no fees due for
missed session(s) as long as I have at least one week's notice.
IMPORTANT - SCROLL DOWN to see 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D and 3E)
3F Rearranging
If your life changes whereby you cannot attend regularly, for the
purpose of making therapy feasible, the re-thinking of your
appointment times can be discussed, and an overview
considered so that you can still be enabled to have regular
sessions. Perhaps that could develop into a combination of
face to face, email and telephone sessions. During the 60
minute therapy hour only one communication medium is used;
different communication mediums cannot be combined.  
Due to the imperfections of technology, human error, and
unforeseen aspects of using the Internet and the mobile phone,
it is not possible to promise 100% confidentiality when using
email and chat or messenger services over the Internet or a
mobile phone.
4A It is possible to protect yourself to the extent that you wish,
by not including personally identifiable content in chat sessions
and emails. Confidentiality is important, and other people may
have access to your computer or your phone.
There is no such
thing as 100% Internet security and threats to messenger and
chat services are a possibility – people can even use a different
computer in the same house and have access to private
information. Therefore as much care as possible has to be
taken to preserve privacy.

4B Other than for your own private and personal use, my replies
and our communication (through any medium) may not be
transcribed, printed or published or broadcast in any way,
either entirely or partly without my written permission. The
counselling relationship, including your experiences from your
side may not be used for any commercial purposes, or any
interviews or media without my written permission.
Counselling is normally undertaken on a weekly basis at the
same time and day each week. Arrangements for mutually
agreed session times are made in advance of the session.
Your session is 60 minutes starting at the agreed time. If you
cannot make the agreed appointment and give reasonable prior
Notice see 3 Regular Attendance*, I will endeavour to
re-schedule your appointment. Time missed due to lateness or
failure to telephone or meet on the telephone or online at the
agreed hour is forfeited by you and fees are payable in full.
Payments for initial sessions must be paid for at the time
of booking.  Payments for further sessions must be received,
in full, at the time of booking. This ensures I keep the time
reserved for you.
For your convenience, payment is accepted
via most credit and debit cards.  You can pay in advance by
phone or in person at your appointment so long as I have
already received your deposit.

6 Additional Support
If you require support between sessions, this can, by
agreement, be supplied in either telephone or email format.
This is chargeable. Please view the ‘Prices and Fee Structure’
button on the main Website or ask for current rates.
7 Code of Ethics

The ethical framework I abide by is from the British Association
of Counselling and Psychotherapy and can be read on the
BACP Website;

8 UK Geographical Location
This counselling and therapy service is available to UK citizens
residing and located within the United Kingdom at the time of
the service being provided. Any client must declare, at the outset,
their geographic location and citizenship. All and any therapeutic
and counselling service by Morven Fyfe of is for residents of the UK, and
specifically denied to people who live in a country or state other
than the UK. Countries or states other than the UK may require
licensure in that location. It is the responsibility of the client to
declare, at the outset, any legal requirements that their country
or state citizenship demands.
9 Dispute

Morven Fyfe of and you, the client,
agree that any dispute arising out of this service shall first be
resolved by mediation, if possible. This contract was entered
into in England, and is subject to the laws in England and
Wales. Any necessary arbitration or litigation will take place in
this country. All language used is intended for a UK audience;
those not familiar with UK therapy and counselling terminology
should not assume nor construe meaning applicable to a
non-UK service. This applies to the standard of professional
qualifications, and standards or any other aspect of’s operations.

10 Terms of Use
This Agreement works alongside the Terms of Use as stated
on the website. Please read the
Terms of Use connected to the ‘Fee Structure’ button of the Website.  
Registered © Morven Fyfe 2010